Goedele Liekens is a clinical psychologist & sexologist, a successful author and television presenter and has also been a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN since 1999.

Goedele is a is a fully qualified sex therapist, has written several best selling books on the subject and has also written extensively for women’s magazines. She recently made her debut on British television with Channel 4’s Sex in Class (2015), the show received great reviews from the UK press. As a former Miss Belgium, she has long been a well-known television personality in her home country as well as Holland and Luxemburg. Her success is now spreading to the UK and beyond with many new TV projects in the pipeline.

Goedele has made understanding and improving human sexuality and relationships the focus of her professional life since receiving her psychologist and sexologist qualifications. It was an honour to be asked to become a United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA) Goodwill Ambassador for Sexual Health in 1999. Through that association she has travelled extensively all over the world helping the agency expand possibilities for women allowing them to lead healthier and more productive lives. Child marriage, female genital mutilation, AIDS, pregnancy complications and sex education are just some of the issues that Goedele has dealt with in this role. She has made documentaries for the UNFPA on safe birthing in Afghanistan, child soldiers in Uganda, FGM in Somalia & Tanzania, Fistula in Ethiopia & Nigeria, Matriarchal society in Niger, Polyandry in the Himalaya region and child marriages in Nigeria.

Goedele has presented many different shows for Dutch and Belgian broadcasters such as Sex Academy, Goedele on Top, Sex Tape, a.o.   Sex in Class was her first UK TV programme, Goedele spent time in a school in England hoping to transform the way pupils are taught sex education.

Goedele has also written many books, including The Vagina Book, The Penis Book, Our Sexbook, SOS Sex, The Orgasm Book,  Supersex in 10 Steps and Help, my teenager is asking questions about sex.